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• 11/23/2017

Dear Daniel vs Tuxedo Sam

Who should Hello Kitty be with? Daniel or Sam? I'm thinking Tuxedo Sam. His relationship with Kitty in Furry Tale Theater was beautiful. The two's characters even get ENGAGED at the end of Sleeping Kitty! Daniel seems to just be there to be Hello Kitty's boyfriend. This is something I despise. Damsels in distress like Princess Peach or Amy Rose are one thing, since they are the goal for a character. (Amy actually gets kidnapped twice; Sonic CD and Shattered Crystal) Characters who grow and fall in love or already have good chemistry by the time their series begins are also perfectly fine. Daniel wasn't a goal for Hello Kitty, nor did he exist with her in the beginning or grow into Kitty's boyfriend, he was just... there. If ANYONE needed a boyfriend, it's Mimmy, who wants a boyfriend to be her groom, NOT Kitty!
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• 9/18/2017

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty
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• 2/21/2017

Welcome to Hello Kitty Wiki!

I'm Charmmy Kitty and I'm an admin here at Hello Kitty Wiki! I hope you enjoy using this wiki as a resource and even adding to it for the benefit of your fellow fans. Leave a message here in our Discussions.
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