A Journey Through Fairyland (aka Yousei Furorensu or Fairy Florence 妖精フローレンス) is a 90-minute 1985 Japanese animated film by Sanrio, the company which animated "Unico", "Legend of Sirius" and "Ringing Bell", though this story is less sought out as a rarity among Sanrio cult classic collectors. It is also Sanrio's final feature-length anime film until 2007. It was brought to America in 1995 through a company called Celebrity Home Ent. Unlike previous works, this one mainly focuses on music more than plot, having it be compared to Disney's older work "Fantasia" (Video Business review). The one piece sung is "My Name is Florence," while all other songs are classical compositions by Beethoven and others.


A gentle and talented boy named Michael played beautiful music on his oboe, and his greatest love was to play for and tend to the flowers in the greenhouse at the school of music where he attended. Unfortunately, his gardening made him constantly late for orchestra practice and resulted in his dismissal from the school. When Michael fell asleep that same night, he was awakened by a dainty Flower Fairy named Florence, who would take him on an enchanted journey to a land where flowers came alive, treble notes were mischievous, and adventure beckoned. There, he would soon come to realize that his love of flowers and desire to become a great musician could go hand-in-hand and help him to become focused in life and discover himself.