Broken Robot is an episode from the series Hello Kitty's Paradise.

This episode appears on the Hello Kitty's Paradise: Fun With Friends (Vol. 2) DVD.

English version written by Barbara A. Oliver.


Kitty is pulling the weeds in her garden and complaining that there are always so many chores to do. Mimi says they should have a robot that would do their chores for them. The girls hop into their magic balloon and imagine what having a robot would be like.

The magic balloon gets stuck in a tree, trapping the girls. A robot comes along and pulls them out of the tree, dropping Kitty and ruining the balloon in the process. The robot scurries off and the girls chase after it. They run into a professor who is also looking for the robot. He explains that he created the robot to do his chores for him but he must have crossed the wires because the robot won't respond. The professor says that the only thing they can do is to wait for its batteries to run out.

Once the robot has stopped, the Professor fixes the wiring. The robot undoes the damage it did to the balloon but Kitty gets glued to the balloon in the process. The robot yanks her off, drops her and ruins her clothes. Kitty declares that she is through with robots and vows to do everything for her from now on.


"Broken Robot" Hello Kitty

"Broken Robot" Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty's Paradise: Broken Robot (and What's in Store)

Hello Kitty's Paradise Fun With Friends

Hello Kitty's Paradise Fun With Friends

Hello Kitty's Paradise: Broken Robot (Starts at 1:06:47)


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