Charmmy Kitty (チャーミーキティ, Chāmī Kiti), who is Hello Kitty's pet Persian cat, is a character from Sanrio who debuted in 2004, alongside the Sugarbunnies. She was born on October 31st, the day that she was given to her before her's on November 1st.

Her name comes from the word "Charm" as she wears a key-inspired necklace that leads to Kitty's jewelry box from the forest that she found. It was given to her because shiny, sparkly things are said to make her happy; bringing good luck to whoever wears it. Charmmy is also very cute, pretty, spunky, friendly, kind and polite, but sassy at times. Her trademark signature is a pink lace-trimmed bow worn on her left ear.


Papa gave Charmmy to Hello Kitty. She doesn't have a real birthday, however her acclaimed "birthday" is on October 31st (Halloween); the day that she was given to her before her's on November 1st.

Family and Friends

Charmmy also has a friend named Sugar, a white Djungarian Hamster who is Kitty's pet, given by Dear Daniel, her boyfriend. He got his name after the color of his fur. She's often seen with him because they are best friends. She also has a younger sister named Honeycute, who has two bows, one on each ear.


With Friends and Family


TV/Movie Stills


Charmmy Kitty has a few products that are Momoberry, Sanrio's new line of products. Charmmy Kitty has her own design series.