This page is about the Chuppies character Mint. For other uses, see Mint (disambiguation).
This page is about the Chuppies character Berry. For other uses, see Berry (disambiguation).

Chuppies (チュッピーズ, Chuppīzu) is a group of Sanrio characters who are female mice. Their names are Berry, Soda, Mint, Grape, and Lemon. They enjoy singing and dancing in flower fields.

Berry is the oldest sister; she holds the group together. She is pink.

Soda is the hardworking, competitive type. She is blue.

Mint is easy going. She takes everything at her own pace. She is green. 

Grape is shy, but she's the best singer of the group. She is purple.

Lemon is mischievous and the best dancer. She is orange/yellow.



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