Cinnamoroll the Movie is a movie of 45 minutes that focuses on Cinnamoroll, Cappuccino, Espresso, Mocha, Chiffon and Milk, as they go on an adventure to a mysterious world after Chowder cast a spell on them.


Cinnamon is a little puppy that gets adopted by Ms. Anna, who is the owner of the Cafe Terrace, after he fell from the sky. After landing in her bike and deciding to take him with her, she traveled to her pastry and introduced him to Cappuccino, Espresso, Mocha, Chiffon and Milk. In the same time, Chowder, a little creature who can do magic spells, had witnessed Cinnamon falling. Believing that he’s a bad creature, he secretly casted spell magics to trick him and unfortunately, his magic spell backfired and all people are send to a mysterious candy land...


The full movie is available with English subtitles:

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