This page is about the Sugarbunnies character Vanilla. For other uses, see Vanilla (disambiguation).

Cocoa and Vanilla are two mouse siblings who debuted in January 2012 as friends of the Sugarbunnies. Cocoa is the older brother and wears a bunny hat with Kurousa's colors while Vanilla is his younger sister and wears a bunny hat with Shirousa's colors. They live in Mousefields, located next to Bunniesfield. Both brother and sister decided to visit Bunniesfield one day through a rainbow and met Shirousa and Kurousa. The mouse siblings actually like the sweets, chocolates, and pastries the bunnies make. They wanted the bunnies to teach them to become chocolatiers. The bunnies agreed and they made the mouse siblings their apprentices. Their ultimate goal is to make a castle made of chocolate.



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