Dora is a human girl character from the Japanese company Sanrio. She is a friend of Patty & Jimmy. Dora wears a knee-length red dress with long sleeves, red Mary Jane shoes, white socks, and a red scarf with white polka dots in her hair. Her hair is yellow, curly, and she has bangs. Her eyes are solid black circles and her nose is a very small oval.

Dora is really close friends with Patty, Jimmy, and Billy, although she admires Jimmy the most for being clever and relating more with him on their similar personalities.

She's really good at crafts, embroidery, and sewing. A lot of the time, Dora makes purses which she sometimes gives to friends.


Shortly after Patty & Jimmy were created, Roko Maeda decided to create new friends for Patty and Jimmy, believing there wasn't much you could do with only two. Soon, a boy with freckles and a chubby girl with a personality similar to Jimmy was made. She chose the name Dorothy—or Dora for short— because it gave her the image of a chubby girl.


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