Ganta (Junk) is a fictional character in Keroppi and Friends. He is voiced by Jeff Lumby.


Ganta is the strongest frog in Donut Pond, but he is actually afraid of the dark and heights. His special talent is to turn himself into a rock.


Ganta orignally had light pinks lines on his cheeks and wore a light blue shirt. In later episodes, he had black lines and wore a red long sleeved shirt and dark blue overalls with yellow buttons. He even has eyebrows on the top of his eyes.

For winterwear, Ganta wore a dark blue jacket, a red shirt and light yellow mittens.

For rainwear, he wears a light blue jacket.


Ganta becomes the coach for the Keroppies in "Let's Play Baseball", but the first practice doesn't go exactly as planned and that made him quit. Later in the episode, he goes back to the playing field and was in good shape after playing so many sports. He then gets back into the game and tries to keep his cool.

In "The Christmas Eve Gift - Santa and His Reindeer Kuppi", he brings in Kyorosuke's dad's generator over to try to give Twinkle back her powers, but when he puts the generator on high as it would go, he gets electrocuted and the tree loses a few decorations.

Ganta watches the coward prince movie with his friends in "The Adventures of the Coward Prince" and applauds with everyone when the movie ended.

When Ganta gets lost in time with Keroppi, Keroleen, Kyorosuke, and Noberun, he meets Nelson and sleeps over at his house. The next day, Ganta and his friends build a treehouse for Kerada, Meroleen, Speedy, Isaac, and Nelson.

In "Let's Be Friends", he meets a purple snake named Choro which turned him into a rock since he was scared of him, but they become friends later on.

Ganta attends Mr. Johnson's tea party in "Our Treasure" with his friends and they met Mrs. Edwards and Marie and listened to one of Mr. Johnson's funny stories.


  • Ganta mentions his sister in "Let's Play Baseball" when he tells everyone that he would bring everyone her old mitt.
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