Growing Up With Hello Kitty is a DVD production, currently available in two volumes, featuring Hello Kitty and her twin sister Mimmy as they learn life lessons. Each DVD contains six episodes focusing on issues such as learning how to talk on the phone, cleaning up a messy room, and playing nicely. The production has been generally well-reviewed, with viewers pleased by both the quality of the production as well as the educational content.


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  1. Going to the Bathroom
  2. Changing Our Clothes
  3. Eating Nicely
  4. I Can Share With Friends
  5. Sleeping By Ourselves
  6. Saying I'm Sorry
  7. Cleaning Up My Mess
  8. Replying Properly
  9. Talking On the Phone
  10. Let's Play Together
  11. It's Fun To Help
  12. Eating Our Vegetables



"Opening Theme" to Growing Up With Hello Kitty

"Opening Theme" to Growing Up With Hello Kitty


Theme Music Composers

  • Daniel Scott
  • Steve Dorff

Opening Theme

  • "Pumped Up Kicks" (Main Title) Performed By Foster The People & Glitter Force feat. Mimmy (Mimi) White with Cure Pekorin

Ending Theme

  • "Pumped Up Kicks" (Instrumental)


  • Steven Chesne
  • Mark Foster


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