Hana-Maru was born one day before Pandaba on August 7. He is a white seal born in Kokuritsu Hospital located in London. He can do ball acrobatics and likes gardening. In Japanese, he is called Good Hana-Maru, in contrast to Bad Badtz-Maru. A 'hanamaru' is a swirly and elaborate circle-mark, signifying not just a correct answer but a very good one. It is used as a star would be in Western culture.

He's a very good natured seal who can be friends with anybody!

Despite how conflicting he and Badtz-Maru are personality wise, they remain the best of friends.


  • In the same year Badtz-Maru won 1st place in the Sanrio Character Polls, Hana-Maru won as the Supporting Character Winner.


With Family and Friends


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