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Hangyodon (ハンギョドン, Hangyodon) is a male fish character created by Hisato Inoue from Sanrio in 1985. He was born on March 14th under Halley's Comet[1] and his blood type is B.

Hangyodon is a nice guy who loves to make others laugh, but has a soft spot and doesn't like being alone. He desires to be a hero but his plans of heroism often go awry. Hangyodon also loves collecting merchandise based on himself and is a bit of a romantic.

Friends and Family


In one of his first jobs after leaving Sanrio and becoming a Freelancer, Hisato Inoue was tasked with assisting in the Japanese only 1998 video game Sanrio Timenet: Kako-Hen and Mirai-Hen. While some of the characters may strictly be Imagineer/Timenet's creations, he did talk about his role in the creation of two evolutions of Hangyodon; Great Hangyo and Hangyodon Robo on Twitter.[2] In the staff credits, Hisato Inoue is listed as working for the character design for a company called Inspace.[3]

Great Hangyo is Hangyodon wearing a super hero suit, while Hangyodon Robo is Hangyodon in a mech/robot suit.


  • Hangyodon's huge round eyes and full lips were based on Hisato's own.
  • Hangyodon has had his own comic series in the Strawberry News, "Hangyodon" and "Hangyodon's Lecture of Manners".
  • Hangyodon was a regular guest in the Strawberry News' Chitty Chatty Strawberry column.
  • Hangyodon has starred in several anime films of his own such as Meitantei Hangyodon: Kaitou Ruzu Arawaruno-kan, Hangyodon no Parallel Daisakusen: Hana no Oedo wa Oosawagi, Hangyodon no 007/2: Doctor Sunday Arawaru no Maki, and Hangyodon no Parallel Daisakusen: Kyouryuu Oukoku wa Oosawagi.
    • Hangyodon also stars in Sam to Chip no wa Hachamecha Dai Race as a racer, with other characters from his universe such as Otamaro and Kingyochan appearing as audience members.
    • Hangyodon plays a big role in the Sanrio anime film Pokopon no Yukai na Saiyuuki.
  • Despite debuting first, Hangyodon shares some similarities with Badtz-Maru including being made by Hisato Inoue:
    • Both characters usually don't wear clothing unless something such as going into space or surfing takes place.
    • Both happen to be animals whose species' are linked to water in some way.
    • Hangyodon and Badtz-Maru both have at least one female friend (Hangyodon with Sayuri and Badtz-Maru with Pandaba).
    • Both characters have several brothers and sisters.
    • There is at least one romantic pairing where one character is blue and the other is red (Hangyodon himself with Kingyochan and Badtz-Maru's parents).
    • Both feature characters that are a part of a gang; Papa (Badtz-Maru) and Lucius from various anime films featuring Hangyodon. The members of both gangs also share similar designs and happen to be of the same species.
  • Hangyodon's name is spelled out to read "Half-fish man" in Kanji.
  • Hangyodon was first displayed on The Strawberry News' magazine cover in the October 1985 issue (No. 212)
  • In The Strawberry New’s "Sanrio Character Awards", Hangyodon won 3rd place in 1986.
  • At one point Hangyodon was set to have an anime series, but nothing has come to fruition aside from him starring in several films of his own.
  • Hangyodon's parents and older brother has been confirmed by Hisato on Twitter to never have gotten names.
  • Despite several merchandise items made for the Hangyodon in Ebisen's Bar series depict Hangyodon playing Billiards, Hisato himself had never actually took part in cue sports.[4]
  • Before his official debut in The Strawberry News, Hangyodon's debut was originally part of a promotion for a company called Kids Press where he was simply called Hangyo. According to Hisato, this is a little known factoid to even people who've worked at Sanrio in the past.[5]
  • In various anime films starring him, Hangyodon is shown to have a job as a detective.
  • His voice actor Ryūsei Nakao is also famous for being the Japanese voices of Frieza and Baikinman from both the Dragonball and Anpanman franchises respectively.


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