Hangyodon (ハンギョドン, Hangyodon) is a male fish character created by Hisato Inoue from Sanrio in 1985.

Hangyodon is a nice guy who loves to make others laugh, but has a soft spot and doesn't like being alone. He desires to be a hero but his plans of heroism often go awry. Hangyodon also loves collecting merchandise based on himself.

Friends and Family

Sayuri - Is a very happy and optimistic girl born on May 9th in Japan. She is very curious and enjoys collecting fans and also likes sour food using a lot of vinegar. Sayuri has a flexible body and can do amazing acrobatic moves!

Otamaro - Was born on December 10th. He likes to take walks and eat.

Itaro - Was born on January 2nd at 3:45:06 AM. Itaro loves to invent gadgets and enjoys Japanese comedy.

The Sea Otter Bar Owner - He is the owner of Ebisen's Bar, a place Hangyodon sometimes visits.

Mr. Seahorse - A regular at Ebisen's Bar.

Sumire - She is Hangyodon's sister.

Kingyochan (name literally meaning Goldfish) - Originally Hangyodon's goldfish he got from a carnival, she was able to transform to be with Hangyodon for a short time before the magic wore off.

Kingyochan met Hangyodon when he was having trouble catching goldfish at a carnival when a nice man who was present that day decided to give him a red goldfish. Hangyodon was so happy about recieving the goldfish that he spent a lot of time with her, and Kingyochan ended up falling in love with him.

Her pure wish and desire to be with Hangyodon granted her the ability to appear in front of him as his girlfriend.

Unfortunately, the romance was very short lived as the magic only lasted for three days. Afterward, Hangyodon had no idea what actually happened and believes she just decided to disappear, but still thinks about her from time to time.


  • It is said Hangyodon's huge round eyes and full lips were based on his designer's.
  • Hangyodon has had his own comic series in the Strawberry News, "Hangyodon" and "Hangyodon's Lecture of Manners".
  • Hangyodon's friend Sayuri eventually got her own comic series which was also printed in the Strawberry News.
  • Hangyodon was a regular guest in the Strawberry News' Chitty Chatty Strawberry column.
  • Sometime after her introduction, Kingyochan began making regular appearances in Strawberry News.
  • Hangyodon has starred in several anime films of his own such as Meitantei Hangyodon: Kaitou Ruzu Arawaruno-kan, Hangyodon no Parallel Daisakusen: Hana no Oedo wa Oosawagi, Hangyodon no 007/2: Doctor Sunday Arawaru no Maki, and Hangyodon no Parallel Daisakusen: Kyouryuu Oukoku wa Oosawagi.


With Family and Friends


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