Hangyodon no 007/2: Doctor Sunday Arawaru no Maki (ハンギョドンの007/2 (ドクターサンデーあらわるの巻), also called Hangyodon 007/2: The Case of Doctor Sunday is a 14 minute OVA released by Sanrio on March 10th 1993.


After watching a spy movie, Hangyodon thinks spies are so cool. Suddenly, the popular singer Kingyochan gets kidnapped! It's time for Hangyodon to get into some action!


  • This anime has been referenced in numerous Sanrio film openings, and several OVAs themselves, where Hangyodon appears dressed in his spy outfit.
  • This film was released in the same year Badtz-Maru and Donragon debuted.




Hangyodon 007-2- The Case of Doctor Sunday (English Subtitles)

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