The Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok is located in Siam Square One shopping mall. The opening took place on 28 September 2014, 09.28 AM at Siam Square One. It's open daily from 10am to 10pm. Call (02) 115 1335 or visit the Hello Kitty House Bangkok page on Facebook. There are several franchised cafes already in the world such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia. Thailand is soon to have it's very own coffee shop, spa and gift shop all under "Hello Kitty House Bangkok."

There are three floors of the "Hello Kitty House" which each the floors have spa, café and gift shop for people who like Hello Kitty. The distinctive point of “Hello Kitty House” there are foods and beverages served (and shaped!) in a unique Hello Kitty style. Moreover, there is the landmark point to take a photo with the kitty car that is popular for Hello Kitty clubs. Next, the first floor is "Hello Kitty House Cafe" which has both savory and sweet treats that customers can buy to eat such as, dark chocolate, crunchy brownie and caramel mousse, coffee and raspberry sauce as well as the Chocolate Concorde, Rainbow cake and Hello Kitty Strawberry Moose. Then, the second floor is a dining room with organized activities. For people who want reserve space for special event you can contact on Facebook page or phone number (02) 115 1335

We hope people who visit the "Sanrio Hello Kitty House" to be impressed with this place. I think that you will be crazy the Hello Kitty so much because the Hello Kitty so cute.


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