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Hello Kitty World (ハローキティワールド) is a video game on the Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System, published by Character Soft (A video game publishing subsidiary of Sanrio), released in March 1992.

Basic Information

This game is only available in Japan, not worldwide.



The screen automatically scrolls towards the left, while the player controls Kitty who uses two balloons to float in the air. To make her float, the player must press the A button. Kitty can also walk on the ground, and jump. She can also inflate two new balloons, if she lands on the ground safely. The object of this mode is to travel from the beginning to the end while collecting balloons along the way. The player must also prevent Kitty from bumping into enemies that are attempting to pop her balloons, push her or make her fall. There are four bosses in Hello Kitty World. To defeat them, the player must make Kitty fly around them and make her detach her balloons to bounce on them. She also can jump and stomp on them, whenever it is safe for her, like in other typical platformers.


The game is an exact copy of the Game Boy Game, Balloon Kid. This is the Famicom version of the game, which uses Hello Kitty characters. While Balloon Kid never came out in Japan, Hello Kitty World only came out in Japan. There was also a Game Boy Color version of Balloon Kid, which was called Balloon Fight GB. That version also came out exclusively in Japan.

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