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Little Hello Kitty Small Friends and Big Adventures is a series about a group of five toys who travel the world doing good deeds through hope, love, friendship and harmony. The videos are on Youtube and they tie to the 40th Anniversary of Hello Kitty herself.


Little Kitty - Little Kitty is a toy version of Hello Kitty that was crafted in a toy factory but fell off her lane in the factory and landed in a box meant for trash. Then the truck hit a bump and Little Kitty ended up all alone in a frosty forest. She is then approached by a small fairy who has a message from Hello Kitty, telling her that she will meet those who are sad and weak and she will have the power to make those all around her smile. She is the only one in the group of five that cannot talk and looks a little like Hello Kitty herself but wears silver shoes with hearts and is furrier.

Harry - Harry is a huge gray dog with a big heart and an even bigger appetite! Harry used to have an owner but was thrown out because the dog's body became too big and he ate a lot. Harry lives inside the trunk of a tree which is filed with other abandoned toys he had rescued and given shelter to. Harry loves to think about food and drinks but he cares for the friends he makes and is willing to do anything to help them or anyone else in need. Harry is the first member of the group Little Kitty meets and is always seen sleeping with the kind gray dog.

Mitcha - Mitcha is a hand made teddy bear crafted by an elderly woman in Russia, which is why she speaks with a Russian accent. Mitcha was suppose to be shipped to the woman's grandson Victor who lives in Paris, France but the address got smudged and the men placed the box in a warehouse where the bear was rescued by Harry and taken to his home. After some time Mitcha decides to go to France to finally meet the boy she was suppose to be sent to and the others agree to go to France with her, exploring the rest of the world as they do so. She sleeps with Little Kitty and Harry every night. Mitcha also has a special power: With a hug, She can read others minds and is the one who reveals to Harry about what happened to Little Kitty through her hug.

Tiga - Tiga is a tiger who ran away from the circus when he was little cub and came to the Memory Shop where he lived with his owner until he became too big to hide from the police. Tiga knows he must leave and so bids his master goodbye while his back is turned and runs out of the shop. The police chase after the tiger but Little Kitty, Mitcha and Harry save him and fly away with him. Tiga is very special as he is able to make music with his body. He agrees to join the group on their adventure around the world and has fun along the way.

Mel Mel - Mel Mel is an owl who is shy but is also cunning and brags sometimes. Mel Mel is different from the other owls as he is the only one who can actually make himself invisible, like a ninja as the others believe. One of his embarrassing secrets is that he cannot get a girlfriend, which Mitcha reveals when she hugs him. He is the only one who can fly without the need of Little Kitty's magic and is more then happy to go with them to travel the world and help others, and maybe finally get a girlfriend. He also used to live in a pet shop before he escaped so he doesn't know much about the world but is learning with assistance from his friends.