Minna no Tabo (みんなのたあ坊, Min'na No Tābō) is a human boy Sanrio character. His name may mean "everyone's altruistic boy" from 皆 [みんな] (everyone), 他愛 [たあい] (altruistic) and 坊や [ぼうや] (boy).

Alternatively, his name could simply translate to Everyone's Tabo.


Minna no Tabo was created on a random winter afternoon in the Sanrio office where many staff were in a meeting room while the air conditioning was on which made the room very hot.

The staff including Tabo's creator Miss Shimasue were working hard to create summer postcards. Shimasue was having a tough time dealing with the heat and had a hard time thinking of any ideas. She starting writing things like "Duh~~, it's so hot~~" on her papers and decided to add a silly drawing of a strange looking boy saying those lines.

Minna no Tabo first officially appeared in 1984 as a summer postcard design. Two years later, his name "Tabo" was officially announced to the readers of The Strawberry News. The postcards became a huge hit and sold over a million copies!

When he first debuted however, Tabo had no hair.

Minna no Tabo's popularity kept growing from then on, and soon an official stationary set appeared in stores. Minna no Tabo went on to star in many different Sanrio OVA films of his own (see Trivia) and had a series of over 100 comic strips that appeared throughout various issues of The Strawberry News.


  • Minna no Tabo starred in a variety of different comic strips that were printed in the Strawberry News.
  • Tabo stars in different Sanrio anime films of his own such as Taabou no Ryuuguusei Daitanken, Minna no Taabou Konnichiwa, Uchuu Bouei-tai Taabou no Toki no Tomatta Hoshi, and Uchuu Bouei-tai Taabou no Shinkirou Hoshi wo Sukue!.
  • Tabo makes an appearance in Sam to Chip no wa Hachamecha Dai Race as a food vendor.
    • Tabo appears in the audience among other Sanrio characters such as The Friendly Club in Pokopon no Satogaeri.
  • Minna no Tabo was the first character to win first place in two consecutive years in the Sanrio Popularity Polls.
  • Tabo is revealed to have an uncle that appears in a Pokopon's Diary anime who greatly resembles him along with having his signature sleepy eyes.



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