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Mary "Mama" White is the very beautiful wife of George "Papa" White, and mother of Hello Kitty and Mimmy. She is a white cat with a yellow bonnet, an apron, a floor-length dress, and shoes. She has a sunny manner, but can be made sad if she is worried about her husband or daughters. She does most of the sewing and cooking. She has a very successful mending business on the side where their neighbors or friends will pay her to fix there clothes. When she is in formal situations, she will wear the same bonnet and shoes, with a dark brown cardigan, and a beige dress. When she is sad, she goes quiet.

Mary White is kind, caring, and loves to cook. Hello Kitty got her baking talents for Mama. Roses are her favorite flowers, which Hello Kitty has been known to give her.

Her birthday is September 14th, and her star sign is Virgo.



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