Minoru Onoue was a Sanrio staff member who has created the characters Pochacco and Picke Bicke.

Minoru graduated from Tama Art University in 1978 with a major in Graphic Design, and later was employed at Sanrio with his job being a Character Designer.

In addition to focusing on the creation of his own characters for Sanrio, Minoru also helped develop:

After leaving Sanrio, Minoru presently works as an independent freelancer who has helped design different characters for children's television, creating materials for younger children including magazines and kindergarten supplies, and even worked in developing characters for Hallmark around 2008. He's also a member of a few online illustration galleries and Dobiren, which is an organization belonging to professional creators who draw children's works.


  • Minoru's favorite celebrity is Marina Watanabe.
  • Minoru is also depicted in Rururugakuen as a character named Mr. Ogami who is usually seen with Professor Inoue who is based on Hisato Inoue.
  • Minoru has been in the Character Designer business for about 20 years.



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