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Nezumikozou (ボ・ボクねずみ小僧だい!, Bo boku nezumi kozō dai!) is a male human Sanrio character.


The word nezumi means "rat"' or "mouse" and kozō translates to "kid, brat". The term kozō is a somewhat pejorative word for any young male.

His alternative Japanese name ボ・ボクねずみ小僧だい!translates to "I, I am Mouse Boy!".

The name Chukichi is also based on a pun, with the chu part of the name being the onomatopoeia for mouse sounds in Japan. His name may also be based on Jirokichi of Nakamura's name but with the added pun to it.


  • Chukichi/Nezumikozou - Chukichi is a shy, timid boy who has the power to transform into his more confident alter ego Nezumikozou thanks to the power of his tri-colored dango. He is the only son of a samurai and in his downtime Chukichi likes to make dango and take naps. He has a secret crush on Okiku, his best friend.
    • As Nezumikozou, he wanders around the village of Edo at night crime fighting and solving problems all while equipped with special tools he uses to aid him.
  • Koban Cat - A cat who's name is based on Koban[1], an early Japanese currency used during the Edo period.
  • Okiku (Voiced by Yuko Mita)- The most popular girl in the village, and is Chukichi's best friend (and secret crush!). Although she's gentle and pretty, Okiku is very strong; she can handle weapons and is skilled in karate and judo.


  • In the 227th edition of Strawberry News, readers were asked to come up with names for Nezumikozou (With around 600 letters in total being sent in). Some names that were suggested include Chonmage, Momo Daifuku, Sanshoku Kozu, Dangoro, Kasuke, and Marutarou before Chukichi was finally chosen.
  • Nezumikozou is based on Nakamura Jirokichi[2] who shared the same nickname and was a famous Japanese thief and folk hero who lived in Edo during the Edo period.
  • Nezumikozou appeared in a comic series starring him in the Strawberry News titled "The Great Edo Catch Tale, Mouse Boy".
  • Nezumikozou has starred in a short anime film of his own titled Ooedo Torimonochou: Nezumi Kozou. He also makes an appearance in the film Sam to Chip no wa Hachamecha Dai Race as a member of the crowd alongside other characters from his universe such as Okiku and Koban Cat.
  • A possibly unreleased duet styled theme song exists for Nezumikozou titled "I am Mouse Boy / Our Idol Girl Okiku". When the song was first made, it was a hit among the Sanrio staff, with many of them singing it as they worked.
    • A similar song was released a few years after the inital Strawberry News announcement on a Sanrio album titled いちご新聞増刊号 いちごのうた~たあ坊のがんばる宣言, however this version (simply titled ねずみ小僧/Nezumikozou) has slightly different lyrics and Okiku's parts aren't included.



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