This page is about Hello Kitty's father. For other uses, see Papa (disambiguation).

George "Papa" White is the husband of Mama and father of Hello Kitty and Mimmy. He is said to be the backbone of the family because he is so reliable. His sense of humor is wonderfully dry. He wears brown pants, a blue collared shirt with a red tie, and black eyeglasses. He holds a smoking pipe. He often wears a dark green jumper and blue jeans with black sneakers. When he is in formual situations, he wears a navy blue shirt and brown pants. When he is sad, he goes quiet like Mama does. Papa seems to have a slightly less friendly, but more childish and fatherly than Grandpa does. Anyone would describe Papa as very easygoing and calm.

He is very hardworking, but a bit clumsy and serious. He can, however, he laughs when he wants to. He also drives the White family's car. Even though he works very hard, he always finds time to spend with his family.

His birthday is on June 3rd, which makes him a Gemini.



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