Patty & Jimmy (パティ&ジミー, Pati & Jimī) are a cute little couple and two best friends! Patty & Jimmy are a friendly pair of Sanrio characters. They have lived in houses right next to each other in Kansas City, so they naturally became the best of friends. They're a delightful duo that stick together all the time.

Any sport is OK with Patty! She likes tennis, roller skating, and baseball. She can bat and pitch as well as any boy. When it comes to studying, she'd rather not, especially writing essays and doing homework. She's bright, cheerful, tomboyish, and a little clumsy!

Jimmy is a very kind and academic-minded young boy. He is the best in the class at chess and loves arithmetic. You will often find him studying or playing chess and card games. Jimmy doesn't like sports! He's always losing to Patty. He prefers reading.


Patty & Jimmy wear red, white, and blue clothes. Patty usually wears outfits in which the dominant color is red, while Jimmy's outfits usually have a dominant color of blue. It's common for them to wear overalls or sports jerseys with their first initial on the chest. Both have yellow hair. Patty's hair is parted in the center with two braided pigtails. Jimmy's hair is curly and a little messy. Their eyes are solid black circles and Patty's nose is a dot while Jimmy's nose is a very small oval.


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