Pokopon (ぽこぽん日記, Po ko pon Nikki) is a boy raccoon Sanrio character who was born in the Village of Kakubachi but currently lives in the Takukikoji Shopping Arcade where he's being trained to be the best possible boy he can be by his aunt.

Pokopon likes to read Haikus and is very naive and curious. He dislikes ghosts and the thunder god. When he speaks, he usually finishes his sentences with '~das'.

He has a girlfriend named Hana-chan who he usually exchanges letters with and his mother and father are a geisha and priest respectively.


  • Pokopon's design was based on a rejected character named Kin who was part of a trio each named Kin, Pin, and Tan who were shown alongside the original rejected designs for Goropikadon.
  • Pokopon stars in the following Sanrio anime films: Pokopon no Satogaeri, Pokopon no Yukai na Saiyuuki, and Pokopon no Kitsune-gawa Onsen Henshin Gassen.



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