Pompompurin (ポムポムプリン, Pomupomupurin) is a boyish, good-natured Golden Retriever, who was introduced by Sanrio in 1996. Purin was born on April 16th, living in his own basket in the entrance hall of his sister-owner's house. His trademark signature is a brown beret that's always on top of his head.

Purin's hobby is collecting shoes, which includes one of his owner-father's leather shoes or his owner-mother's sandals, where he likes to hide them. He loves drinking milk and eating cream caramel pudding that his mother makes. He also spends a lot of time sleeping whist doing 'purin aerobics,' and hanging out with Muffin, Scone and Custard who're his best friends; especially making new ones. Despite form being laidback, he loves soft stuff as well. He dreams of being even bigger. He perks up when he hears his owners say "Let's go out!" and he'd rather not hear "Stay!"


With Family and Friends



  • He was twice voted "Most Popular Sanrio Character" in Strawberry News Magazine, a magazine published by Sanrio.
  • Pompompurin performed in the Sanrio musical - Happiness Land, which toured around Asia in 2007. Pompompurin was portrayed as the The Knight of Happiness Land and is described as humorous, compassionate but careless.
  • He's portrayed as an accidental main villain on the Webcomic Hello Cthulhu, though he retains his good nature.
  • The humans who own Pompompurin (and presumably his parents) are referred to as "father-owner," "mother-owner," and "sister-owner."
  • Pompompurin is represented in Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo's Sanrio card pack by the lazy cub villager Marty. He has an entire line of furniture and clothing modeled after Pompompurin.


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