Seven Silly Dwarfs (セブンシリードワーフ, Sebun Shirī Dowāfu) are a group of dwarf characters from the Japanese company Sanrio. They are seven simple little friends who have very different personalities, but get on very well. They share a love of flowers and animals, blue skies, and good food.


Dream wears red and is often seen with his eyes closed. He loves to sleep and dream. He believes dreams are very important!

Honest wears black and is sometimes seen with various animals. He tries his best to be honest and accept the things in life, as to him that makes the world a nicer place.

Sarcasm wears bright orange and at times is shown with his tongue sticking out. Sarcasm believes it is important to joke around at times since life is all about jokes.

Work wears green and is usually seen with a tool such as a shovel or pickaxe. He loves working hard and thinks that's why the food tastes even better after a day of work and that toiling leads to happiness!

Prank wears black just like Honest and can be seen with a wide grin on his face. He loves playing pranks on people and claims people don't get bored with pranksters like him around!

Anger wears bright blue and just like his name suggests, he can be noticed with an angry frown most of the time. Just being angry is enough to make him even angrier!

Eat wears a mix of red and orange and enjoys eating food enough for it to put him in pure bliss. He states that eating good food is surely one of life's happiest moments.



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