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Snow White is an episode of the television series Hello Kitty and Friends. It is an adaption of the Grimm Brothers' Snow White fairy tale with Hello Kitty as the heroine. Hello Kitty stars in the legendary fairy tale about a beautiful girl who escapes from a jealous queen, finding refuge at the home of seven dwarfs.


The story starts with the birth of a beautiful princess whose skin was as white as snow, hair like ebony and lips like the red color of the roses. Her parents, King and Queen of the Emerald Valley, name her Snow White. The little girl grows happy and healthy, and when her fourth birthday arrives, her parents give her three delightful pets for her presents: a puppy, a cat and a dove.

Soon, Queen Isabelle falls ill and dies, after which Lady Chrystal takes her place, who turns out to be not only an evil, selfish, ambitious woman, she also indulges in the black art of sorcery.

After the king's departure, she makes life difficult for Snow White, although Prince Howard did a bit to liven up the life of the young princess. Later, when the evil Queen makes an attempt to kill Snow White due to her famed beauty, the little girl ends up in a cosy little cottage, house to seven dwarfs who eventually befriend her and conjure to protect her from all harms inflicted by her stepmother.

Queen Chrystal tried to take the life of Snow White several times: once by a poisoned ribbon, another time with an enchanted comb, times at which the dwarfs saved her with help from their Book of Knowledge. But during the Queen's last attempt, she finally succeeds to put her in an enchanted sleep - by means of a poisoned apple - in order to take over her body, for hers is aging rapidly due to use of sorcery against a pure soul.