Sugarbunnies is a animated television series starring Kurousa and Shirousa, the Sanrio character duo who make pastries. The Sugarbunnies live in Bunniesfield, Bunnyland. The anime had three seasons, called Sugarbunnies, Sugarbunnies: Chocolat, and Sugarbunnies: Fleur respectively. It aired on TV Tokyo and Kids Station between 2007 and 2009 as a part of Kitty's Paradise Plus.


A group of 14 twin bunnies do various jobs in their homeland of Bunniesfield. One day, they were given a task from the Two Queens and sent to Earth to complete it. They landed in the house of a little girl named Sophia, who they befriend. They teach her how to make sweets.



  • Sugarbunnies was directed by Hiroshi Kugimiya, the main animator for Death Note, a popular dark shonen series.

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