Tabitha Dean (タバサディーン, Tabasa Dīn) is a human girl character from the Japanese company Sanrio and created by Yuko Yamaguchi.

She and her friends live in the futuristic city as The Cool Kids of the 2000s.

Family and Friends

  • Alain Allen - A brilliant boy with a doctor's degree and one of Tabitha's closest friends.
  • Candy Roper - Candy was born on August 15th, and is a girl with a ponytail who is a nurse and also the singer of a band!
  • Linda Louis - A girl who is very good at tongue twisters!
  • Alfalfa
  • Vinegar
  • Doron


  • Just like Sambo and Hannah, another character created by Yuko Yamaguchi, there exists of a crocodile character in both universes drawn very similarly but with some differences to their appearance; Tabitha Dean's Alfalfa wears what looks like a bow while Kowanie from Sambo and Hannah wears an earring.
  • Despite debuting later, Tabitha Dean shares more characteristics of Sambo and Hannah aside from sharing the same artstyle:
    • Both Madonna and Candy Roper share the same hairstyle although Candy's ponytail is shorter.
    • Both have a fashionable and sassy character in their universe.
    • While Sambo, Hannah and their friends are sometimes referred to as "The Kids of Paradise Island", Tabitha Dean and her friends are called "The Cool Kids of the 2000s".
    • Both universes have characters that own a pet and of the same species.
    • Both use simplistic patterns in character designs, for example polka dots and triangles are regularly seen.


With Family and Friends


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