Teru Teru (Ruby) is a fictional character in Keroppi and Friends. She was voiced by Nadine Rabinovitch.


Teru Teru is a white sunshine doll with a red bow on her head.


Teru Teru has the amazing ability of predicting the weather accurately. She also loves to collect ribbons as a hobby.


In "The Big Adventure", when Pokopon loses his belly button, Keroppi, Teru Teru and Den Den go to his village to get it back.

When Koroppi loses his voice in "Find the Pink Mushroom", she and Den Den join Keroppi as he sets off to two mile tunnel to find the pink mushroom with help from Marcus.

In "Let's Play Baseball", Teru Teru announces today's game between the Gammas and Keroppies with Den Den.

In "The Frog's Secret House", Teru Teru and Den Den tell Ganta, Keroleen, Keroppi, Kyorosuke, and Noberun to come out to the Frog House since there was an emergency happening there.

In "Let's Be Friends", when Den Den came back from visiting his family in the forest, Teru Teru becomes friends with Choro and doesn't get scared of him or his fangs. Later, she and Den Den go to Keroleen's house to tell her that the soccer game was going on.


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