The Sea Prince and the Fire Child is an animated film by Sanrio, based on the story by Shintaro Tsuji. It is named Shiriusu no densetsu (literally Legend of Sirius) in the original Japanese version. It is said to be a loose retelling of Romeo and Juliet, itself a European version of many tales of star-crossed lovers in a variety of cultures and eras. In this story, the children of the gods of fire and water fall in love and fight to stay together in the face of adversity.


Long before Sirius and Malta were born, Sirius' father, god of Water, Oceanus, and Malta's mother, goddess of Fire, Hyperia, were as one, coexisting as a warm myst. However, Lord of the Winds, Algorac, grew jealous of Oceanus and Hyperia's love and turned them against one another by lying to each that the other was plotting to overthrow them. So, the war between Water and Fire began. After many descendants died in this civil war, and both sides were nearly destroyed, the highest god of them all intervened and struck down Algorac, tearing loose his eye, source of his power, and damned him to the deepest abyss of the oceans, entrusting the eye to Oceanus and keeping the seas calm. Hyperia at that same time created a Holy Flame near the sea that would, in her opinion, keep the seas calm so that her children of Fire would live forever and never be extinguished. From that point on, the two elemental siblings were forever parted to keep peace between them.

Years later, Prince Sirius became heir to the Sea Kingdom, being given the Eye of Algorac to protect, and Hyperia's daughter, Princess Malta, was the new heir to the Fire Kingdom, being charged with guarding the Holy Flame at the edge of the sea until the solar eclipse of her sixteenth birthday.


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