Tiny Chum (タイニーチャム, Tainī Chamu) is Hello Kitty's little teddy bear friend. He is a character from the Japanese company Sanrio. When Papa is away on a business trip in New York City, Tiny Chum comes to stay with Hello Kitty and Mimmy. Tiny Chum is very good friends with both of them to point of seeming as close as siblings!

Tiny Chum wants people to know he is a boy, stating in the 2016 Sanrio Character Ranking under his 'A Word' section that he "Doesn't want to get mistaken for a girl this year!" (今年は女のコに間違われないよ!)

Tiny Chum also has 4 brothers and 1 sister: Tiny Lavender, Tiny Green, Tiny Pink, Tiny Cream, and Tiny Blue. Out of the family of 6, Tiny Pink is the only sister.


With Family and Friends


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