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U*SA*HA*NA (ウサハナ, Usahana), also written simplified as Usahana, is a Sanrio character who is a colorful, lively little girl bunny that loves summer. She was originally designed for women working in the office to color their desks and soothe their hearts. Her charm points are her long, curved ears and round blue eyes. She stands three tulips high and weighs as much as a muscat grape cluster. She dreams of one day becoming a ballerina. Her favorite flowers are sunflowers, and she loves to eat orange-flavored sherbet. She lives on a tiny island and likes baking sweets and collecting earrings.


U*SA*HANA has two forms: one of which she has a rainbow-colored palette and one of which she doesn't; her normal version.

Rainbow version backstory: Usahana had always imagined being able to cross a rainbow someday because after a storm, she would see a big, full rainbow coming from the lighthouse. She then decided to go up to the lighthouse, thinking about all the fun things she could do with a rainbow—swinging from it, sliding down it, even playing with it—and she was so excited! But just as she was on her way there, she noticed a little snail named Tam emerging from a bush and asked Usahana to help her down to the ground. Usahana did just that and continued on her way. She then bumped into her friend Nyako-chan on the beach and helped her retrieve a balloon that was stuck in a palm tree. She was so caught up in helping her friends that the rainbow from the lighthouse faded away. She was disappointed, but there was nothing she could do. However, on her way home, she looked down at her reflection in a puddle and noticed that her body was covered in all the different colors of the rainbow! As it turned out, the rainbow granted her wish because she had done so many good deeds. Even though she didn't play with the rainbow itself, she will now always be with the rainbow.
The normal version of Usahana has a similar backstory to the rainbow version. She was born completely yellow, so she gained all of her family's colors by helping them, and that's what makes up her muted color palette. The story was revealed during the Sanrio Puroland show, Usahana no Colorful Fantasy, which was later released on DVD.


Ranking in the Sanrio Character Ranking[]

In the 2013 ranking if U*SA*HA*NA reached 1st place, she would plant flowers together! However she failed to reach that rank.
In the 2023 ranking she ranked 2nd in Thailand, 6th in the UK, and 9th in South Korea.

  • 2001: not in top 10
  • 2002: 10th place
  • 2003: 7th place
  • 2004: 6th place
  • 2005: 8th place
  • 2006-2009: not in top 10
  • 2010: not in top 20
  • 2011: 20th place
  • 2012: 21st place
  • 2013: 32nd place
  • 2014: not in top 20 (5th in Group B)
  • 2015: 34th place
  • 2016: 37th place
  • 2017: 35th place
  • 2018: 35th place
  • 2019: 33rd place
  • 2020: 26th place
  • 2021: 24th place
  • 2022: 23rd place
  • 2023: 23rd place
  • 2024: 20th place



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