Youkai Kids (ようかいきっず, Yōkai Kizzu) is a group of Sanrio characters who are mythical creatures, including a witch, a mummy, a vampire, a bat, a Frankenstein's monster, and a cyclops.


NOTE: Translated from Japanese using Google Translate, official names may be different.

  • Drumsco (born February 17th)
  • Majo (born August 17th; name means Witch)
  • Shiranken (born December 16th)
  • Hitotsume (name means One-Eye)
  • 1st elephant elephant (born November 8th)
  • Oolong (born December 21st)
  • Casa Boo (born September 10th)
  • Mi Lagon (born May 2nd)
  • Omori (born October 9th)
  • Gausske
  • Tamasaburo (born August 30th)
  • Kappe (born November 7th)



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